Blessed Be my food for Thee

DSCN1434A blessing is an infusing of something with sacredness.

“Blessed Be” is a greeting used by many followers of a pagan path. The words can also be found in the King James version of the Bible. In all cases they are intended to be an active acknowledgment of something good, positive and true on a deeper than mundane level. In the case of this Kitchen Wand, the food that is being prepared for someone else is receiving¬† the blessings of the cook.

In simple terms thee is an archaic word for you and has passed out of common usage. It has been used in the “plain speaking” of the Quaker movement as a way of supporting the egalitarian concepts of the faith. In Latter Day Saints traditions it is only used when referring to God. Bahai’s also use thee and thou in the English translations of their scripture.

My use of the word here was a recognition of the rhyming traditions of spell casting and more importantly an honouring of the Sacredness of each living thing. By not using the more common “you”, a different relationship is established.

The five pointed star enclosed in a circle has many meaning from the orbit of Venus, the planet of Love to the four elements plus spirit of Wicca traditions, to the creation of ritual space.

However the image and words speak to you, know that your contribution to the finished dish is immeasurable, whether dinner on the table or soup for a sick friend, may your final offerings Blessed Be.

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