I hear the whispers secret and sings their mysteries sacred

DSCN1432Joanne Harris, the author of Runemarks and Chocolat, shared her understanding of the source meanings of the word rune in a variety of different languages. She wrote, “In Old English, the word rune – runian – means “to whisper.” In Old Irish, run is a secret. In Old Norse, runar; mysteries. In Icelandic, runi, friend. In Finnish, runo, song, chant. In Middle Welsh, rhin; magic charm.”  These meanings come together in the design for this Kitchen Wand.

The spoon images combine to create two interlocked runes, Gyfu ( Gebo ) and Oe/Ae ( Ansuz ).

Joanne Harris’ interpretation of Gebo is that it  “refers to both giving of oneself and receiving. Love; generosity; openness.” All things done when cooking with intent. Another interpretation, offered by Ralph Blum is one of partnership and a gift. He suggests that “ the ultimate gift of this Rune is the realization of the Divine in all things” and he writes “God always enters into equal partnerships.

Divine inspiration; magic; the connection between heaven and earth”, is Joanne Harris’ explanation of Ansuz. Ralph Blum in The Book of Runes calls it the Messenger Rune and writes that “the keynote here is receiving: messages, signals, gifts”.

This Kitchen Wand is a call to hear the whispers; open to the gift of Divine friendship being offered and then share your wise voice in the kitchen and with the world.

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